Flyfishing Startup 2013


Flyfishing Startup 2013   "Cast off and take to the water"

Werner Becker (consultant of fly-fishing) and his friends from the Bous Fly-fishing group chose for the event 

Flyfishing-Startup 2013

which will be taking place on:

Sunday March 10th, 2013

yacht marina in Merzig on the Saar

Fly-fishing Startup
: since its launch in 2006, fly-fishing startup has evolved from an insider tip to a cultural event. Past highpoints were Rheinfelden (Baden), Freiburg im Breisgau, and of course the unforgettable event in Wolfwil (Solothurn Canton) in Switzerland in March 2012.

Inspired and motivated by previous startups, Werner Becker and friends have brought this event to the Saarland. They have chosen a unique venue and have put a fantastic program together. Under the patronage of the Fishing Association of Saarland, the yacht marina in Merzig on the Saar, with its meadow landscapes and access to the banks of the Saar, will become the meeting point for all fly-fishing enthusiasts.

Reknowned, certified fly-fishing instructors from several countries will be teaching classes for all degress of ability with both one and two-handed rods.

Internationally-acclaimed fly-tiers from England, Serbia, Sweden and Germany will be displaying impressive and captivating fly designs and will be offering their support for every step of tieing flies.

The showroom is amazing! The last horse-drawn boat to sail on the Saar, the “Anna-Leonie”, newly renovated and all ship-shape, offers what can be guaranteed as a unique venue in Europe. This traditional ship was towed into Merzig yacht marina especially and forms the centerpiece of the event..

A highlight, as always, will be a demonstration of the art of split cane rod manufacture. Fly-fishing startup makes it possible.

All fishing fans who are eager to take their first steps in fly-fishing are also welcome. Fly-fishing will be explained by experts, who will also provide guidance for the first casts with a fly-fishing rod. This is a great opportunity for children too, as even fishing rods for kids will be provided.

In order to grant an well organised event and due to the location the number of participants is limited at about 130 guests.

Catering will be provided. Breakfast, dinner and lunch are included. Anna-Leonie’s lovely room in the inn and a heated tent are sure to guarantee a hospitable atmosphere.

The fee per participant is 40 €, which includes breakfast, lunch and coffee/cake. The proceeds will be donated to a worthwhile social project.

In order to grant a well organised event and due to the location the number of participants is limited at about 130 guests.

All instructors, fly tiers and assistants are working voluntarily and free of charge in the service of fly fishing.

This event is unique in this way and should inspire every participant. It’s the proper way to start the 2013 fly fishing season.

The organizer and the whole team are looking forward to a very good response.