Important news concerning the Startup

Private casting instruction on Saturday March 9th!

To offer an additional and attractive reason to participate in the Startup to flyfishing friends from near and far, the casting instructors have accepted to be available for private casting lessons already on Saturday March 9th.

You will have the possibility to book your private casting lesson between 1 pm and 5 pm, on demand with the casting instructor of your choice.

Of course his option is not free since we want to fill up the donation box as much as possible.

The prices are 30,- Euro for 1/2 hour or 50,- Euro for a full hour. For this contribution, the instructors will address your concrete casting problem and will make you advance considerably.

How to make this reservation? Nothing is easier, send us an email to by mentioning the name of the instructor of your choice and the desired duration. We will collect all wishes, create a schedule and inform you thereafter.

The casting pool will also be available on Saturday for the instruction. You will love it!

On Saturday night, all the actors will meet at the Seehotel Losheim . We have made a reservation for the large dining room and are happy to welcome as many participants as possible for a common dinner and a relaxed exchange.

Not yet registered for the Startup? It is about time! It will be worth it!

Recommendation for accommodation!

You want to arrive on sight already on Saturday and are looking for an appropriate accommodation? We can help you and recommend the following hotels:


Seehotel Losheim
Zum Stausee 202
66679 Losheim am See
Tel: +49(0)6872-60080
Fax +49(0)06872-600811
  Seehotel Losheim


Hotel-Restaurant Roemer
Schankstraße 2
66663 Merzig/Saar 
Phone +49 (0)6861/9339-0
Telefax +49 (0)6861/9339-30

Special conditions for Startup participants:
single room 59,- / double room 79,-
  Hotel-Restaurant Römer, Merzig
Participation has to be confirmed by the organizer.  




Hotel - Restaurant -Schwemlinger-Hof Luxemburgerstr. 58
66663 Merzig
Phone: +49(0)6861-9399580
Fax: +49(0)6861-9399588

Special conditions for Startup participants
single room 32,- euros / douple room 58,- euros

  Hotel-Restaurant Schwemlinger Hof
Participation has to be confirmed by the organizer.    




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