The fly casting instructors

All instructors are flyfishermen for many years or partly even decades. They prove their instruction skills year after year in their courses.

The comprehension and mastery of the fly casts and their instruction to participants have been proven during certification exams to become EFFA instructor or master instructor or in numerous prestigious flycasting demos at fairs or events.

The common ground and transborder friendship prove the internationality. Workshops can be held in German, Luxemburgish, French or English.

During the Flyfishing Startup, the instructors are at the participants’ disposal and help with words and deeds.

Use the possibility to refresh your technique, to learn new casts during a versed instruction and thus be well prepared for the season 2013!

The team


from Germany:  
Armin Froebel, Rheinfelden Instructor EFFA
Hermann Rebmann, Bad Liebenzell Instructor EFFA
Sepp Redel, St. Ingbert Fly Fishing School Saar
Markus Schwarz, St. Ingbert Fly Fishing School Saar
Jupp Verstraten, Viersen Master Instructor EFFA
Dieter Weiler, Rheinfelden Master Instructor EFFA
Hartmut Zerrer, Gärtringen Instructor EFFA
from Switzerland:  
Robert Burkhard, Strengelbach (AG) Instructor EFFA
Jean-Paul Kauthen, Bern (BE) Instructor EFFA
Urs Müller, Geroldswil (ZH) Instructor EFFA
Marco Pegoraro, Muri (AG) Co-Instructor
from France:  
Thibaut Giband, Illkirch Instructor EFFA
from Serbia:  
Sasa Zec, Novi Sad Instructor EFFA

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