Our fly tiers

Fly tying - a delicate technique at the vise, precise know how of the materials from the choice of the appropriate hook to the utilization of the right feather. Excellent knowledge of the natural models and implementation into an artificial fly, be it streamer, nymph or dry fly. Our fly tiers master all this in perfection.

A team of real perfectionists, with the ability and the passion to pass on their know-how in a comprehensible and a friendly way, without secrets.

The projection on a large screen makes it easy to follow the fly ting demos. If you want to try it by yourself, go ahead.

Our fly tiers will be waiting for you!

Marco Crippa from Switzerland, TEAM SWISSCDC
Sasa Stosic aus Serbia, TEAM SWISSCDC
Vladimir Glamozak from Serbia, TEAM SWISSCDC
Phil Holding from UK, TEAM SWISSCDC
Wolfgang Wagner from Germany, Member of the National Fly Fishing Team of Luxemburg

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