Important to know

What to bring along

Single hand fly rod of your choice, our recommendation is an 8-9 ft. rod of class 4-6 with a corresponding floating fly line. And a leader of approx. 2,70 meters with a thicker tip (approx. 0,24-0,30 mm). We will cast without flies, instead we will use floating yarn.

Switch rod and / or two-handed rod with corresponding line or shooting head. Instructions with Switch and two-handed rods as well as water casts with one-handed rods will take place preferably at the shore of the River Saar. We recommend fishing boots or waders and wading boots.

Please mind to bring clothes that are adjusted to the weather. In the beginning of March, it might still be a little chilly...

Important! Do not forget to bring sun glasses for eye protection!

If you want to have an introduction into the world of flyfishing at the Startup, then you do not yet need your own rod. We will take care of that. But take the right clothes and shoes. For kids, we have special and very light rods. Thus the first casts will certainly succeed!

Apart from that, bring a lot of joy for the movement and the being together as well as a lot of good mood.


To find your way to the Startup

We wish you already today a nice trip!

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