Behind the scenes of the Flyfishing Startup

Since 2006, the "Flyfishing-Startup" project developed into a major event. What was initially created as a preparation for the season of the friends of Dieter Weiler’s fly fishing school, rapidly convinced the fly fishing enthusiasts in a large perimeter of the border triangle between Germany, Switzerland and France.

The requirements, tasks and responsibilities grew considerably with the size of the event.

All the more we are all excited that Werner Becker and his team of true idealists have accepted the challenge to organize this great event in the Saarland.

Short portrait of Werner Becker

Werner Becker- flyfisherman for more than 30 years
- successful fly tyer, German champion in the category dry fly
- demo fly tyer at numerous national and international shows and events
- Adviser for flyfishing in the Fishing Association Saar
- promoter of flyfishing in the Saarland

For Werner, flyfishing does not reduce to simply catching fish. His interests are also the waters, the ecological context and insect life.

According to him, flyfishing is a synonym for colleagueship, common experiences at the water front, social links and last but not least actively participating.

Werner initiated the Flyfishing Startup in Merzig. Thanks to his passion and imagination, his persuasive power, many preliminary discussions, the help of his friends and the sponsorship of the Fischereiverband Saar and the town of Merzig, a flyfishing event of this magnitude can take place.

As “mission chief”, Werner has taken on diverse tasks and responsibilities that keep him occupied since last October. He is on duty for the Startup every day. He organizes, manages, acts. Therefore he deserves more than our gratitude from today on.

His greatest wish is a successful and harmonious event that will be recalled by all participants and will attract the one or the other flyfisherman to the Saarland that has much more to offer than is visible at first sight.

Werner pushes forward for all of us. But what would be a captain without a reliable and hard-working team?

Towing of the Anna-Leonie from Rehlingen to Merzig, build-up and dismounting of the tent, procurement, preparation and service of the multimedia system (audio and video), organization of the catering for the guests, service on the boat and in the tent, set-up and removal of the casting pool, preparation of the area, organization and accommodation for the actors, pickup at Frankfurt airport of the actors flying in from abroad, advertising and sponsorships, sourcing of cake donations, design of the website, organization of all actors, finance, … and so on and so forth …

This list could be continued for a long time. However it should only give a first impression of the efforts and the organization that are needed for such an event.

All actors are equally important and indispensable, independently of their role. They all volunteer for this good cause and are looking forward to this great day.