The full monty - motivation for the new season

Fly casting, fly tying, splitcane rodbuilding, reel manufacturing

Every year guests are thrilled by our program. After a long winter period this event is the best chance to pep you up for the new fly fishing season.

The success of the Flyfishing Startup is based on the large specialist and human competences of the actors.

All actives have proven their skills on multiple occasions. This quality will be entirely available to all participants. The good atmosphere between the actors will carry over rapidly onto the guests. This is the spirit that makes this event so unique.

We are very proud that we succeed every time to have real specialists in their domain commit to the Flyfishing Startup.

Be it flycasting instruction, fly tying, manual and masterly construction of bamboo rods or the professional manufacturing of fly reels, everywhere the participants will live light bulb moments.

You do not yet flyfish but wish to have a compact overview of the world of flyfishing? This is possible, two qualified and friendly instructors are at your disposal.

And the best is … not only watching but actively participating. This is the offering to all participants!

Fly casting

- fly casting intructions for all levels of ability
- classes for basic and advanced fly casting techniques trick casts
- casting with single hand rod / switchrod / double hand rod
- setup and optimize your gear

importand note: 
all casting intructions are indented for refreshing and improving your casting skills. They lay no claim on the contents of a complete casting course, but assume that the participant is already fishing with the fly rod.

Fly tying

- dryflies

- nymphs
- streamers
- special pattern 
- fly tying demonstration displayed on large-format screen

Insights into fly fishing

- fly fishing"the big difference"
- the gear(rod, reel, fly line, clothing)
- the big "small world" of the flies
- the first cast

target audience: If you are interested to get a first impression of fly fishing this part of the program is most applicative. Children are welcome too.

splitcane rodbuilding

- How to build a splitcane bamboo rod.
- Get advice how to start your own "bamboo rod" project
- cast the "bamboo"

reel manufacturing
Reel manufacturing

- how to manufactur a hightech fly reel
- guidance to choose the right reel for your purpose

auction and tombola

American auction of an ORVIS ACCESS 9ft. 5wt, 2-piece flyrod. Win one of the nice prices in our tombola.

Handover of a donation

Handover of a donation It is a good tradition to make a donation to a charitable organization at the end of the Startup. We hope to collect a respectable amount of money.